Many young people at MMAD suffer emotionally, physically, financially and socially from traumatic childhood experiences. For them, expressing their pain through lyrics, finding their voice by singing and escaping the world in music has helped them survive. We use their passion for purpose and connect them with powerful creative mentoring opportunities so that they can belong to a safe and supportive community, grow holistically, and shine!

Our life-changing series of evidence-based creative-therapy and alternative education in the form of courses and camps have been developed over two decades of work with young people. We take young people on a unique journey from crisis support through to leadership development with the support of some of the biggest names in the music, media & creative industries.

Many young people overcome complex personal adversity with the support of MMAD and go on to become young musicians making a difference, helping to better Australian communities by inspiring others who may experience hardship.

We deliver over 1000 camps, outreach initiatives and mentoring sessions for Australian communities each year, reaching upwards of 50,000 young people.


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