Meet Daniel

I experienced homelessness from a very young age. Growing up was a very unhealthy, abusive and toxic environment. I was kicked out of home and it’s not an easy thing. I was actually homeless with my twin brother. I got picked up by police for stealing and they found out about my situation and that’s when the Department of Community Services got involved. They placed me in foster homes; I bounced around between a variety of those and then refuges. It’s just an environment where you have to fend for yourself and you become street smart, and music was always something that I latched on to; it’s something that I had a passion for and kept me driven. I always say music was like therapy for me…

I met MMAD, Musicians Making A Difference, when I was living in a refuge. The youth workers knew I had a passion for music and so they got me involved in this camp and it was my first time coming to a camp… and it’s where my passion really started to sink in – I’d have a pen and a pad and I’d just start writing. Once you’ve hit rock bottom, all that is is a solid foundation to build up from. The courses I went through at MMAD helped me emotionally, mentally, physically, and even helped me get into university. MMAD completely changed my life and I don’t know where I’d be now without them. I guess where to now is to help other kids that are going through hard times and help them find their passion. Why I choose to give back with MMAD is MMAD uses the power of music to help and inspire the kids… write lyrics with the kids, express what they’re going through.

After graduating at MMAD, Daniel became a Youth Ambassador for the charity, studied at Australian Institute of Music (AIM) and won a gold medal at the World Performing Arts Competition in Los Angeles. See Daniel on Australia’s Got Talent where he pledges prize money for MMAD.


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