Rohan Parry

Rohan started out as a kid that wanted to “make techno” because he wasn’t cool enough to be in a punk band. Eager to learn, he studied music production at TAFE for 2 years. Since then he has worked on soundtracks for games (e.g. Robot Dinosaurs, Tremerz, Scrap Planet) and as a freelance engineer between completing a psychology degree, and has performed internationally and across the country. With 15 years experience in music production, mixing and composition, his skill set is diverse and honed with a flair for the imaginative.


Diploma Music Technical Production

What Rohan Offers

Vocal recording and mixing is my jam; I can get you that iconic vocal sound for your genre, but I also love getting creative with vocals. Apart from that I’ve got a lot of experience recording folk and classical music, including a wide range of acoustic instruments. I can also mix your recordings as a separate service.