Meet Victoria

Music has helped me through everything: its the way that every song has it’s own message, how it connects to certain parts of your life – it’s that escape route that you need in life. The hurdles that I’ve overcome in my life people would be surprised: I’m always the type to be open and loving and caring; I love to make people happy and seeing them smile, but when it comes to me it’s just like all this built up sadness that’s inside that I always hide with a smile. I was hiding away the pain that I felt inside over the years and I’m happy to say that I’m no longer a victim and I’m grateful for MMAD, for what they’ve done in my life, how they helped me overcome that big step. People either come in your life either as a lesson or a blessing. Always surround yourself with people that will make your life full either with love or with happiness. MMAD is like that. MMAD is my family. They might not be family through blood but, they’re just the people that make you feel loved.

Victoria became a trainee youth mentor at MMAD and continues to inspire other young people coming through programs.


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